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MI:GP - Secrets
Kida Masaomi is not a fighter.

He is not, in fact, a lover either, despite his jokes and his smiles and his flirtatious habits. Kida has had but two great loves in his life, one is dead to him and the other he has locked away deep inside of his heart.

Deep within his heart.

No, indeed, Kida Masaomi is one thing.

A coward.

The color of his old gang suited him just fine. Yellow, that's what he was and will always be. Oh, he's not afraid of getting bashed over the head, getting killed, killing someone. He's not afraid of spiders, mice, mold, or the dark. But Kida Masaomi is a tried and true coward.

He is frightfully scared humans, of human relations, of emotional pain, humiliation, love, angst…

He is afraid of so many of the things Orihara Izaya loves, and perhaps that is one reason why Kida finds Izaya so scary.

Kida is a coward, but he cannot help but love, he is too much of a coward to truly cut himself off from his emotions. He loves Mikado, at first he loves Mikado like a man loves a memory, but he grows to love Mikado as a friend. He loves Anri, for her beauty and her intellect and the look in Mikado's eyes when he looks at her.

But he cannot love himself, and so he runs. He cannot open himself to pain, so he smiles. He cannot fight the past for a brighter future.

So he lies.


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