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MI:GP - Secrets
Anri does not know she is beautiful. She suffers from the belief that she is ugly, that she is stupid, that she is a leech. Anri does not understand. Some may say her beliefs have their root in childhood trauma, in her parents and how they treated her.. It is possible that Anri's beauty caused her to be bullied at a young age, thus leading to her shy and unassuming personality, or perhaps Anri's shy and unassuming personality lead her to be bullied for her beauty.

Anri does not believe that book smarts are everything. She sees her scores as average, not understanding that average is smarter than most, not believing she could score higher. Perhaps this is because she scored well as a child and no one encouraged her.

Inside of Anri there is a monster, and Anri knows. She does know she is beautiful, she does not believe she is smart, she does not realize she is loved.

She knows she is a monster.
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